The purpose of LR269 CA is to enable the formation of the New City.


Its   purpose is to offer an avant-garde approach to the new global economy, multinational corporate reality, and the accumulation of enormous wealth in a limited number of enormously successful personalities. 


Compelled by the uninspiring prospects of a sparsely populated, culturally restricted, inland state largely dependent on a very rudimentary economy, LR269’s purpose is to provide a mechanism for the people of Nebraska to leverage nothingness and emerge in the vanguard of modern economic centre over the course of a century.  In the year 2117 a major city unencumbered by pre 21st century design and infrastructure will have attractiveness on a par with the best geographies and climates on the planet.  Nothing has great value!


Its purpose it to be conservative, permitting only one such zone of limited duration in an essentially unpopulated area of no more than 36 square miles of Nebraska’s 77,358 square miles.  It is enabling in nature, empowering future Legislatures within the limits of federal law to establish the parameters of the sovereign grant to the New City, including the required investment.  The value of sovereignty being in proportion to its area and duration, a requirement of tens of billions of dollars is contemplated.  Freedom has great value!


LR 269’s purpose is to enable the state to leverage enormous resources which will almost certainly otherwise lie gravely underutilized well into the 22nd century.  Behold a gigawatt of electric power generation and transmission facilities, the Union Pacific and BNSF right of ways, Tier 1 Fiber Optic connectivity in multiple directions, doorstep accessibility to locally produced organic grains and meats, one of the larger inland seas on the continent,  unlimited  potable water drawn from the largest aquifer on the planet, a triangle of economic power bordered by I-25, I-80, and I-76 amplifying the dynamics of Denver and the front range, a bullet train less than an hour away from a major international airport and from the majesty of the Rocky Mountains.  Behold, just maybe, the world’s tallest building in a city literally strategically positioned in the center of North American trade.  Insane? Absolutely! So were the pyramids, circumnavigation of the globe, the transcontinental railroad, heavier than air flight, the Moon in a decade, and the inexplicable compulsion to be Great Again.  Imagination has great value!


LR 269’s purpose is to comply with single subject rule restrictions on amendments to the Nebraska constitution that prevent the introduction of multiple subjects such as who, what, when, where, and how and those remain within the purview of the Legislature to establish.


Governance is the bringing into being of a future defined by the collective Will.  LR 269’s purpose is to give Nebraskans the opportunity to define a future and, should they decline to do so, to inspire bolder spirits elsewhere.


LR 269’s final purpose is to be the most interesting and powerful idea to come before the Judiciary Committee in the 21st century.